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What can I Say??

I was developing Crysis for the AmigaGameJam 2024, but it wasn't suitable, so now I've taken a break from developing Trans-Pennine and Crysis in order to work on something which might be?


Extra Opportunities

After taking care of the fields, any other business for that year will appear on the screen as a choice question, yes or no. If you choose no, the opportunity will pass, and you will essentially get nothing. You will face two leadership tasks, the first is a 'Stranger'. The other is a hardship, or what I like to call the 'Nobility' task.


Anything and anybody could appear in your area, 3000 years B.C (5,000 years ago), in what was then ancient Mesopotamia. The fertile crescent of what is today Iraq. You have the opportunity to welcome the Stranger, or to not do so. There are 10 different wanderers who could appear, and a ten sided dice rolls to decide the wanderer.

  • YES - Select this to roll a 3-sided dice. The first outcome is good, the 2nd one is basically very little (usually positive), and the third outcome can be bad for you and your people. So there is a weighted chance the outcome will be at least positive.
  • NO! - The opportunity passes, leaving nothing.

Nobility Tasks

There are many things which can happen to your people and your lands. Ten 'tasks' are randomised with the 10-sided dice, and you get to choose to help Yes or No. If you choose no, then you won't be involved with that task.

  • YES - Select this to roll the 3-sided dice again, to get your outcome in the same way as before.  One outcome is good, one is a weak result, and the other is bad.
  • NO! - The task passes by, leaving nothing.

Update Log

28 June 2024 - V0.A-V2E - Copied the BASIC code into CanDo and got it running. (see image 1 to the right, it says the wrong version number)

30 June 2024 - V3-V4A - Added HAM backgrounds and a random Stranger task.

1 July 2024 - V4A-V4F - Added a random Kingly Powers task. Bug fixing.

5 July 2024 - V5-V5F - Added a menu, with music and toggle buttons.

7 July 2024 - V5G - Made a Docs button and a Quit button. Fixed button texts.

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Authorlifeschool @ lemonamiga

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